ANGIE APARO Life is a Flower Life is a Gun School Kids Angie Aparo
The American Arista Records Matt Serletic
For Stars and Moon Angie Aparo
The One With the Sun Oarfin Angie Aparo
Praise Be Angie Aparo/D. Murphy
El Primero Del Tres Dann Huff
Walk Unafraid/Live X 6 99X Salvatore Nappo
“Bounce” Movie Soundtrack Arista Records Matt Serletic
TEITUR Let the Dog Drive Home Playground/Edel Teitur/Tróndur Bogason
The Singer Playground Teitur/Tróndur Bogason
Stay Under the Stars Playground Martin Terefe
Káta Hornio TUTL (FO) Teitur Lassen
All My Mistakes A&G (UK) Various
Four Songs and B-sides Arlo & Betty Teitur Lassen
A Night at the Opera Playground Jonas Bloch
MARY KARLZEN Yelling at Mary Atlantic Records Kevin McCormick
Dim the Watershed Y&T Records Rick Reed
Hide Y&T Records Jorge Barcala
The Wanderlust Diaries Dualtone Jansen Press
Whatever Cartwheeling Rat Mark Scandariado
PLS PLS EP EP 24 Hour Service Station Dan Dixon
LP LP El Camino Dan Dixon
Jet Black Slim Style Dan Dixon
COLLECTIVE SOUL Afterwords [Bonus Tracks] El Music Group Shawn Grove
“Drop Dead Diva” Music From the TV Series Vol. 2 Madison Gate Records Nick Didia
EIVOR Room TUTL (FO) Tróndur Bogason
NOLWEEN LEROY Le Cheshire Cat & Moi Mercury (FR) Teitur Lassen
HANUS G JOHANSEN Á fold eru túsund gudar TUTL (FO) Mikael Blak
NICK NORMAN Hey Cheater Hot Sun Music Lee Brice
RUSS-T COBB 15 Year Song Four Records Russ-T Cobb
SYDNEY RHAME Sydney Rhame Russ-T Cobb
FRED SHAFER Resistor Northwest Media Jamey Perrenot
THE ARISTOCRATS The Aristocrats Dan Dixon
Guðrið Hansdóttir The Sky is Opening TUTL (FO) Mikael Blak
Beyond the Grey TUTL (FO) Mikael Blak
ARLAN Troubled Monkey Island Records Tom Dowd
Tobias Fröberg God’s Highway [7″ VINYL] Poptones (UK) Tobias Fröberg
Somewhere in the City [7″ VINYL] Poptones (UK) Tobias Fröberg
AMANDA GREEN the nineteen hundreds Y&T Music Amanda Green/D. Murphy
Junk and Stuff Y&T Music Amanda Green
Charleys’ Girl Y&T Music Amanda Green
GIRLYMAN Everything’s Easy Fine Feathered Music Girlyman
ADRIANNE You Me Lonely Starthumb Records
Live At Eddie’s Attic Starthumb Records
Burn Me Up Starthumb Records
GEORGIA The Cabin Sessions Atlantic Records James Salter
SPY FOR HIRE Speak In Numbers Architek James Salter
DAVID LAMOTTE Change Lower Dryad Music Chris Rosser
BETH WOOD Marigolds BethWoodMusic Chris Rosser
JAMES HALL & FUTURA BOLD The Futura Bold pulse/ERA Recordings Bruce Butkovich
GHOST of SUMMER SUNS Ghost of Summer Suns Russ-T Cobb
DROPSONIC The Big Nothing Moodswing David Barbe
NIL LARA My First Child Beluga Blue Albert Menendez
JOLYNN DANIEL Suspended Rebel Sky Eddie Miller
Come Closer Rebel Sky Jansen Press
JOHN MCNICHOLAS Silver Russ Fowler
WARM GUNNS Dark Fun Mark Dannells
DYLLAN YOUNG The Spin You’re In Collision Records Shawn Grove
SWAGGER Love/Hate Mike Wilkes/Dann Call
CURTIS SMITH “You Got It” Single Shawn Grove
SCHMITTFACED Schmittfaced Mike Wilkes/Dann Call
MILK CAN All Messed Up Bad Karma Derek Murphy
Marblehead, OH Bad Karma Derek Murphy
Whiz Kids/Pop 7″ Bad Karma Frank Felestra
SIXO SIXO Bad Karma Derek Murphy
Rescue Kung Fu Rene Alvarez
FORGET THE NAME Stones for Steven UR Records Ruben Leyva
Subtleties of Anger UR Records Raphael Tarrago
Water and Walls UR Records Jose Tillan
DANIEL CARTIER The Subway Sessions Ignition Records Peter Moshay
Milk Star Crunch Bruce Berman
TROPHY WIFE Tall Chicks Chewy Records Karen Friedman
EYES of PANDORA Eyes of Pandora ric Alexandrakis
MELENHEAD Melenhead Little Silver Ronald James Dziubla
MAGDA HILLER Delicate Cycle Little Silver Ronald James Dziubla